Create an Application

AWS AppConfig requires that you create resources and deploy a configuration in the following order:

  1. Create an application
  2. Create an environment
  3. Create a configuration profile
  4. Create a deployment strategy (or use a predefined one)
  5. Deploy the configuration

In this section, we will begin with the Create an Application step.

An application in AWS AppConfig is a logical unit of code that provides capabilities for your customers. For example, an application can be a microservice that runs on Amazon EC2 instances, a mobile application installed by your users, a serverless application using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, or any system you run on behalf of others.

  1. Visit the AppConfig Console and select Create configuration data
  2. Enter AppConfigLab in the Name field and enter AppConfig Workshop Lab Application in the Description field. AppConfig Application
  3. Select Create application.