Create an Environment

Remember, AWS AppConfig requires that you create resources and deploy a configuration in the following order:

  1. Create an application
  2. Create an environment
  3. Create a configuration profile
  4. Create a deployment strategy
  5. Deploy the configuration

In this section, we will continue with the Create an environment step.

For each application, you define one or more environments. An environment is a logical deployment group of an AWS AppConfig applications, such as applications in a Beta or Production environment. You can also define environments for application subcomponents such as the Web, Mobile, and Back-end components for your application. You can configure Amazon CloudWatch alarms for each environment. The system monitors alarms during a configuration deployment. If an alarm is triggered, the system rolls back the configuration.

In this example, we will create a Development environment for our Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda Serverless Application that we will create later in the lab.

  1. Select Create environment.
  2. Enter AppConfigLabAPIGatewayDevelopment in the Name field and Development group for Amazon API Gateway Serverless Application in the Description field. AppConfig Environment
  3. Select Create environment. AppConfig Environment Created
  4. Select AppConfigLab from the breadcrumb menu to return to the list of environments. AppConfig Environment Breadcrumb