Amazon CloudWatch

The lab material presented here only represents a small portion of the capabilities and features of Amazon CloudWatch. Those wishing to go deeper are invited to visit the One Observability Workshop where advanced topic related to monitoring, alerting, and observability are explored in-depth.


There are two goals of monitoring: - Achieve situational awareness to provide timely and effective responses and - Gain insights for the business, development, and operations that enable proactive courses of action.

In this workshop, we take you through the process of developing and implementing a workload monitoring strategy to achieve these objectives. You will learn how to:

  1. Build a monitoring plan

  2. Implement the plan using AWS Services:

    • Configure telemetry sources using AWS Systems Manager Run Command and Parameter Store
    • Collect telemetry using Amazon CloudWatch Logs
    • Setup metrics and thresholds using Amazon CloudWatch Log-Filter Metrics
    • Configure alarms to fire when metric thresholds are crossed using Amazon CloudWatch Alarms
    • Setup notifications topics and subscriptions using Amazon Simple Notification Service
    • Configure automated responses using AWS Lambda

This lab will demonstrate how to alert on major categories of events, monitor for operational outcomes, trigger responses, and deliver insights.