Create a Deployment Strategy & Deploy the Configuration

Remember, AWS AppConfig requires that you create resources and deploy a configuration in the following order:

  1. Create an application
  2. Create an environment
  3. Create a configuration profile
  4. Create a deployment strategy
  5. Deploy the configuration

In this section, we will continue with the Create a deployment strategy and Deploy the configuration steps during which we will deploy our AWS AppConfig Application thereby making it available to any applications that need to consume our configuration data.

Instead of creating our own custom deployment strategy, we will use a predefined deployment strategy that is already available to us. We will choose the AppConfig.AllAtOnce deployment strategy which deploys the configuration to all targets immediately.

Note: We are intentionally choosing a very short deployment feedback loop for the purposes of this lab so that we can have time to cover more topics. For more detailed information on creating custom deployment strategies as well other predefined strategies you can choose from, see the AWS AppConfig documentation.

Use the following procedure to deploy our configuration data with a predefined deployment strategy.

  1. From the configuration profile details page, select Start deployment. AppConfig Configuration Source Complete
  2. Choose AppConfigLabAPIGatewayDevelopment from the Environment dropdown list.
  3. Select the Latest version, or 1 in our case, from the Hosted configuration version dropdown list.
  4. Select AppConfig.AllAtOnce (Quick) from the Deployment strategy dropdown list.
  5. Enter Deploy to the development group for Amazon API Gateway Serverless Application in the Deployment description field. AppConfig Deployment All At Once
  6. Select Start deployment and observe the Percentage complete as it proceeds to 100% and note the transition of the State field to Baking and eventually to Completed. AppConfig Deployment Status

Now that we have completed the deployment, our AWS AppConfig application and associated configuration document is available to consuming applications through the AWS AppConfig integration with Lambda extensions.

In the next section, we will build an Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda Serverless Application in which we will consume the configuration data.