Systems Manager Inventory

  1. Navigate to Systems Manager

    • Click here or:
      • Navigate to the AWS Console
      • Start typing Systems Manager in the AWS Services search box
      • Select Systems Manager
  2. Inventory

    • Select Fleet Manager from the navigation menu
    • Select Set up inventory from the Account management dropdown
    • Enter Inventory-Lab as Name
    • Specify targets by selecting Specifying a tag
    • Enter Name for tag key
    • Enter Lab App host for tag Value
    • Click Setup Inventory
    • Click View details at the top of the page
    • This may take a few minutes to complete

    You will know when the inventory is complete, because the Top 5 Applications will contain information. If the inventory has not completed, it will state that There is no data to display. You can always come back to complete this part of the lab later. You can also check on the progress by selecting State Manager from the navigation menu.

    • Click on Inventory in the navigation menu

    The application is written in Ruby. We can easily find out which version of Ruby is installed by using the information in the inventory.

    • Scroll to the bottom and click on any Instance ID with Lab App host as the name
    • Click on the Inventory tab at the top
    • Leave Inventory type as AWS:Application
    • Search for Name : Equal : ruby
    • This will display information about the Ruby installation: Inventory

You will see information displayed about the version of Ruby you have installed. You have improved your knowledge of the environment and increased your awareness of your workload.