This lab creates a number of AWS resources. If you are performing these steps using an environment provided to you by AWS as part of an event or training exercise then you can stop now! There would be no need to terminate these resources yourself.

However, these labs are publicly available, and should you choose to run them on your own AWS account, some nominal monthly charges would be incurred. These are the steps to manually remove the resources created today. Note that these. Steps should be performed in the order presented here.

Mandatory steps

  1. In the EC2 console, terminate the instance you created for the Config rule with remediation lab.
  2. In Config, delete the ec2-instance-managed-by-systems-manager rule.
  3. Within the CloudFormation console, terminate the ConfigSSMLab stack.
  4. In CloudTrail, delete the trail you created in the Setup steps.
  5. From the CloudWatch console, you can now delete the log group that the CloudTrail trail was publishing to.
  6. The S3 bucket created for your CloudTrail logs can now be emptied and deleted.

Optional steps

  1. AWS Config can be disabled in the console by visiting the Settings page, and then unchecking the Enable recording box, and then clicking Save.
  2. The S3 bucket containing the Config data can then be safely deleted.