Identify Issues

If you skipped the setup section or didn’t take note of the URL earlier:  
• Click here or:  
• Navigate to the AWS Console  
• Start typing CloudFormation in the AWS Services search box  
• Select CloudFormation  
• You should see all 8 stacks, 7 of them nested  
• Click on the Lab primary stack (the only one without NESTED)  
• Navigate to the Outputs tab and open the ImagetrendsAppUrl in a new tab

  1. Create an Issue

    • Log in to ImageTrends using the URL that you made a note of earlier (CloudFormation Output)
    • Enter for email
    • Enter Password123 for Password
    • Click Login
    • Click Upload Image
    • Click Select Image
    • Find fake_pic.jpg in sample-photos/Break App Photos
    • Click Upload
  2. Fix the Issue

    • You will see an error linked to a redirection loop in your browser

    Broken Website

    • Time to call the devs!

    Ops: Users are complaining that the site is not accessible. We are seeing a redirect error
    Devs: Oh yeah, we saw this in testing, but we didn’t think it would happen in production
    Ops: How can we fix it?
    Devs: Just add /admin to the URL and click on images in the menu and delete the image with the error. Sorry got to go, we are busy working on new features..

    • Add /admin to the URL
    • Click on Images in the menu
    • Delete the image that was last uploaded by clicking on the delete icon
    • Click Yes, I’m Sure
    • Click Home on the navigation bar at the top
    • The application is working again.